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Message from our CEO

We welcome you to the new era of supporting deaf people in this current climate and we’re working towards a new concept of allowing deaf and hard of hearing people to be interdependent, thus reducing isolation and the strain on the current economic climate. Isolation can impact on a deaf person’s wellbeing and a recent report from SignHealth, national charity on health-related issues, has stated that deaf people are twice as likely to have poor mental wellbeing.

Being the new CEO of deafPLUS, appointed a few weeks ago, I would like to turn the tide, working alongside excellent role models, such as Rose Ayling-Ellis, Nadeem Islam, Nastasha Ghouri, Oscar winners Troy Kotsur and Maisie Sly, and with support from Rosie Cooper MP supporting the BSL Act. We all know the impact of deafness and being a deaf person myself, I can completely empathise with those impacts, thus allowing the services of the good staff at deafPLUS to raise the standard of the norms for deaf people and reduce the likelihood of marginalisation and isolation. We know that 90% of deaf people are born to hearing families and very often are left isolated within their own families, not being able to communicate with their parents and other relatives. As a consequence, deaf people have not been given tools to cope in the modern world and the world of literacy.

We aim for a place where deaf and hard of hearing people can access information and advice, allowing them to live independently, and getting those deaf and hard of hearing people to contribute to the wider society, not isolating them from the world around them. After all, deaf and hard of hearing people are part of the wider society and we look forward to working  in partnership with other organisations for a future sustainable world for deaf and hard of hearing people.

Reg Cobb



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